Unlimited Plan
NRS 22,500
  • Duration 52 WEEKS
  • Classes Unlimited
  • Course Timing Unlimited
  • Class Flexibility Yes
  • Weekly Mock Tests 2
  • Full Mock Tests 2
  • e- Learning Yes
  • Exam Questions Yes
  • Instant Writing Checking Yes
  • 1 On 1 Consultations 4
  • Guaranteed Techniques Yes
  • Total Mocks 22 Tests
  • Study Area Yes
  • Computers for Self Learning Yes
  • Trial Yes

Our Services

We are proud to announce that we have dominated the Language Teaching Centres (IELTs/PTE) in Adelaide with our Best Teachers providing students the Best Learning Environment. Flexible classes for students with different needs has been so popular among student working and studying full time. These are just couple of reasons why we are the only best PTE Centre in Australia.

Our Features

We understand the best strategies you choose during your exam can give you the Best scores. We guide our students simply yet most effectively to hit the nail on head via various tip and techniques.


Study in simple and plain English

Learn the proven methods

Emphasis the scoring guide

Avoid falling into traps

E-Learning system, Simulated Tests

Personalized mentoring

Step by step guidance

Individual score analysis

Free Learning Resources